Access to the Best Opportunities with the Best Companies
akarec  offers you a direct line to an impressive number of companies. With akarec you will have oppportunities you may not otherwise know about.
There  are many advantages to our employment services. Our recruiters work directly with you, discussing your job strengths, job criteria and career goals.
We take the same amount of time to understand the companies we work with, so we are able to pair you with the optimal match.
What kind of position are you looking for? Do you require flexibility of short term contracts? Or stability of permanent contracts
All our employment services are free to job seekers. 
We are committed to assessing your skills and abilities appropriately and to place you in the best place.
We use our resources to keep you up to date and communicate with you proactively
We provide support when you need this
We can provide advice and support on ways to enhance your skills
All this is brought to the forefront of potential employers in a positive way!
Call us to make an appoitment to discuss this further or to have an initial chat on the phone.
View our current vacancies and if you have any questions then please do not hesitate
to contact us.


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