Employees are an asset of any business. To enhance your business it is vital that there is a clear understanding of what the role is and what is required
At akarec we  recognise various stages within the recruitment process as the following
customer analysis - to understand who you are and how we can best satisfy your needs
sourcing - to locate local candidates 
screening - to identify the desired skills and experience to fulfil the role
selection - to make an offer and ensure candidate can fulfil the role
performance monitoring - to continually provide the highest level of service
And we do this by 
* listening to your needs and gain an understanding to what the role involves. We talk and agree with yourselves, the processes we will take to achieve this
* interview every candidate, spending time listening to them, to gain an understanding of their needs, strengths and weaknesses and where best to place them.
* provide additional training and courses to support attainment of high standards and levels
Roles include but not exhaustive     
Software developers Project managers
Software specialists Desktop support
Cisco jobs Business analysts
Consultants Help desk jobs
pre sales Architects
Technical design Business development managers
Web Developers
Perl jobs  
As a fresh company we have devised alternative methods to fixed fees in an effort to help everyone through this difficult economic climate.
There are distinct steps to recruitment and we can tailor how much involvement we have, depending on your budget and time constraints
We can discuss your needs on an individual basis.


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